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Carris Reels is proud to be your new supplier for REELEX® Payout Tubes.

The purpose of the payout tube is to ensure that each twist in the coil is resolved inside the package prior to exiting the coil to result in smooth, twist-free payout. Payout tubes also serve to prevent the coil from rotating inside the package. If a payout tube is not used, some loops of the coil would exit the package resulting in twists and possible tangles.

Products can be purchased with or without locking rings.

Products can be purchased with or without locking rings.

Leaders in Wire and Cable Packaging Partner to Supply REELEX® Payout Tubes

Patterson, NY, April 26, 2017 — REELEX Packaging Solutions has reached an agreement to partner with Carris Reels, of Proctor, VT to manufacture, sell and distribute plastic REELEX payout tubes used in every REELEX® Package.

For well over 30 years, REELEX has been the sole distributor of payout tubes across the globe, and has sold the injection-molded parts via their Patterson, NY facility. Starting in May, REELEX will begin transitioning licensees to purchase and receive their payout tubes through Carris. By mid-year, REELEX will no longer be selling or distributing REELEX packaging materials.

“This partnership is a win-win for everyone involved, as it allows REELEX to focus on equipment and technology development, while Carris becomes a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both REELEX and reel packaging materials,” says Timothy Copp, Vice President of Business Development at REELEX. “As a leader in wire and cable packaging consumables, Carris shares the same mutual customers as REELEX, which means that from the customer’s perspective the switch is simple. There are many great benefits for customers in this partnership, including superior logistics, distribution closer to their facilities, consolidation of shipments, improved customer service and more.”

Initially, Carris will manufacture and distribute from their Vermont facility, but later in the year will begin stocking high-volume inventory at their facilities closer to customers, including potentially locations in North Carolina, Indiana, Canada, Mexico and more.

REELEX payout tubes are divided into “REELEX I” and “REELEX II” product lines and vary in length from 2.00-inches to 6.00-inches. Last year, over 6,000,000 REELEX payout tubes were sold globally.

REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. is the inventor and licensor of the tangle and twist-free REELEX packaging system used by the world’s leading low-voltage cable manufacturers.

For more information, please contact sales@carris.net.

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