For information, call (802) 773-9111 to speak to a representative.


Oakland, Oregon

M & D Ventures, LLC
620 Sterns Lane
Oakland, OR
Phone: (559) 674-0804
Sales Team: orders-ca@carris.net

M & D Ventures, LLC

M & D Ventures has been an assembly site for Carris Reels of California for many years. They have an experienced team who has been associated with the lumber industry for decades.

Products & Services Available:

  • Wood Staves/Center Supports
  • Assembly
  • Reel Repair and Recycling
  • Transportation
Title Address Description
Oakland, OR
620 Stearns Ln, Oakland, OR 97462, USAWood Staves/Center Supports • Assembly • Reel Repair and Recycling • Transportation
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