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This product is the ultimate in flexible, convenient and cost-effective packaging. Your customer can use it in or outside the box. The Reel-in-a-Box is the preferred package for the installation of category 5 & 6 cables. The cable is protected, eliminating any need for pay-off racks. This product can also be used in retail point-of-purchase display for many wire types.

The Design

Our design uses custom-molded components from recycled polyolefins, incorporates two impact absorbing “caddies” to support the reel within the box, and allows for any size traverse to meet your capacity needs. The Reel-in-a-Box stands up to normal job site abuse and facilitates stacking. This package can accommodate up to 50 lbs.

The Caddy

Custom-Molded, Durable Plastic
The reel is held in place by a plastic rack (caddy). These are custom-molded from regrind polypropylene. Because of their simple design, they can be easily removed and re-used.

Available in the following sizes (box must be purchased separately):

The Reel

Plastic or Stamped Metal
We can offer two options — the light tare weight of plastic, and the heavier (and stronger) stamped metal. 

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