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Recycled Reels

Carris nailed wood reels are intended for returnable or non-returnable packaging for wire, cable and rope products. Flange thickness, arbor hole, cable slot (start hole), and drive pin hole can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

At Carris Reels, we’re not only committed to our customers and communities, but also our environment.




Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels


Using less raw materials


Creates a more Eco-friendly process


Potential reduced shipping costs AND disposal costs


Less waste goes into landfills

Carris Recycling Centers:

How it Works

Receiving & Grading

Carris has developed a network of reel return depots and recycling centers where used reels are accepted and graded on a three-point grading system, ranging from excellent condition to scrap.



Reusable reels are repaired as required, which can include tightening or replacing bolts. All surfaces that come into contact with wire and/or cable are cleaned and sanded down and inspected for exposed nails and repaired to fill voids.



Flange faces are painted and re-stenciled if required with the manufacturer’s logo. Many recycled reel users elect to display a special logo that highlights the fact that the reel is recycled.


Final Inspection & Redistribution

Our highly qualified team of experts conduct a final inspection of the recycled reel. After inspection, the recycled reel is reintroduced into the wire and cable manufacturing process.

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